The history of the Advent calendar – find out how it all started. Find out what the advent countdown looked like in the past!

Have you ever wondered where Advent calendars actually came from? Some people think that Advent calendars are an invention of our time. In fact, it is a tradition that is more than 100 years old! Learn about their little-known but extremely interesting history. Find out who invented and what the world’s first Advent calendar looked like!

An Advent calendar made of gift bags and activities for children

An Advent calendar in the form of a garland made of pouches

The history of the Advent calendar.

Where did the Advent calendar come from?

The history of the Advent calendar began in the 19th century. Their use was pioneered by German Lutherans. Nowadays, this custom is known almost all over the world! The first calendars were not linked to gifts. They therefore did not resemble those most popular today. From the beginning, however, they were designed to help celebrate this special period. They made the countdown of days from the first day of Advent to Christmas Eve more interesting and, by reminding us every day of the approach of Christmas, helped us to better experience Advent.

An advent calendar made of velour pouches - trends for autumn and winter

A Christmas decoration – a velour pouch advent calendar

The first Advent calendar was created in 1839. Just before the start of Advent, pastor pr. Johann Hinrich Wichern, who ran an orphan asylum in Hamburg, decided to make the anticipation of Christmas more pleasant for his children. He placed candles on a wooden circle 2 metres in diameter. From then on, they met every evening and lit one of them, spending time praying and singing together.

The history of the Advent calendar

Initiated by a Lutheran pastor, the custom quickly spread throughout Germany. Over time, it began to take a variety of alternative forms. The simplest consisted of 24 lines drawn on the front door – every day until Christmas Eve, one of them had to be crossed out.

In many households, a picture with a Bible theme (different each day) was hung in the window. Another idea was to prepare a bed for the baby Jesus, who was about to be born, by placing a blade of straw each day in a manger placed in the crib.

Another breakthrough came in 1902. This is when advent calendars appeared in printed form in Hamburg. The first were in the shape of a clock; in later years, versions with 24 coloured pictures or stickers with pictures with religious content appeared.

Who invented the Advent calendar with sweets for children?

A linen pouch Advent calendar

An Advent calendar made of linen pouches

Where did the idea of Advent calendars with gifts come from? The association of the Advent Calendar with gifts comes, obviously, from the children!
German printer, Gerhard Lang used to count down the time until Christmas Eve with great impatience as a child. Tired of her son’s questions, his mother created a cardboard board for him on which she placed 24 oblong ‘Wibele’ biscuits. The boy could only eat one cookie each day. In this way, the mother made the Advent season more interesting for her son and helped him to understand how many days are left until Christmas. In 1930, the adult Lang initiated the production of chocolate box-like Advent Calendars with 24 windows filled with chocolates. The idea proved to be an incredible success. Gift calendars for each day of Advent have quickly gained popularity around the world. Thus began the history of the Advent calendar in its most popular form today.

An Advent calendar for children - The history of the Advent calendar

The Advent calendar is the way to 24 joyful mornings

Contemporary versions – which advent calendars are the most fashionable?

Although today’s Advent calendars have largely become commercialised, they still successfully fulfil their original, most important purpose – to put us in the Christmas spirit day after day! Nowadays, such a calendar is a beautiful symbol of Advent and an original Christmas decoration

Contemporary calendars are very different in form from the original. Most often, in the calendar’s boxes you can find sweets or small gifts for each day of Advent. The content of Advent calendars is really quite varied. Shops offer both calendars for children and sets aimed at adults (advent calendars for adults are growing in popularity in many countries!). Manufacturers even create kits with erotic gadgets, beer and packages for lovers of… cold cuts! There is plenty to choose from!

Can’t find a set that meets your needs among the ready-made Advent calendars? Remember, you can always create your own Advent calendar! Wondering where to buy a blank Advent calendar to fill in yourself? Visit our online shop and check christmas collection of Advent calendars..

A grey jute bag Advent calendar - Christmas garland

A fashionable Advent calendar made of grey jute bags

A jute bag Advent calendar in the form of a garland

An Advent calendar in the form of a garland made of jute bags

Advent calendar for children-what gifts to put in it?

Wondering what to put into your Advent calendar? The most popular gift is sweets (however, more and more people are reaching for healthier substitutes and creating a sugar-free Advent calendar). The Advent calendar can also include small gifts – toys, stationery, small gadgets.

Sweets in jute bags will make the Advent season more pleasant

Sweets in jute bags make the Advent season more pleasant

An Advent calendar with Christmas tree decorations

An Advent calendar with Christmas tree decorations

A jute bag Christmas garland with gingerbread cookies

Christmas garland of jute bags with gingerbread cookies

Animal figurines - this is one idea for toys to hide inside the Advent calendar boxes.

Animal figurines – this is one idea for toys to put into the Advent calendar boxes.

However, many people aim for more than just material objects to appear on the calendar. This is why Advent calendar activity cards are becoming increasingly popular. If You are concerned about preparing your loved ones spiritually for Christmas, it is a good idea to prepare a card with a gospel passage for each day. In this way, each new day of Advent will bring a new lesson!

Which Advent calendar to choose?

The most fashionable advent calendar - Christmas garland made of bags

This Advent calendar is a hit! Order a garland made of cotton bags.

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Advent calendars for children

An Advent calendar made of fabric pouches

An Advent calendar on a Christmas tree - a Christmas tree with pouches

You can also hang the gift bags on the Christmas tree.

We believe that an Advent calendar is much more than a cute packaging for Advent gifts. Find out that a well-chosen calendar can also be a great Christmas decoration! The wide range of designs will allow You to choose a set that perfectly matches the interior of Your home. We will help you to create an original Christmas garland out of sacks (you can also hang the sacks on the Christmas tree or set them in a decorative box).

An Advent calendar in a box. Advent pouches in a box

Do you lack the space to hang your bag Christmas garland? Create an Advent calendar in a box or crate.

Choose your calendar today. Prepare gifts and give your loved ones 24 reasons to smile in the morning. On the 1st of December we start the joyful countdown to Christmas!