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Organza bags 20 x 27 cm - white Medium bags 20x27 cm

Organza bags 20 x 27 cm - white


Medium bags 20 x 27 cm

We offer medium sachets 20 x 27 cm, which we produce from organza, a fashionable, transparent material. The pouches are available in white, which is a perfect match for other colours as well as different styles. The products are perfect for wrapping a gift for loved ones, as well as for displaying promotional gadgets. Find out why you should opt for them and what makes them stand out.

What are the characteristics of the medium 20 x 27 cm bags?

We produce our 20 x 27 cm medium bags from organza, which has been used on the market for many years. The material is translucent, which is its most recognisable feature. In the organza pouch, the items are delicately exposed, making the whole look light and stylish. The pouch is resistant to pulling or damage and does not crease thanks to the rigidity of the material, so the whole thing always looks elegant.

The pouches are distinguished by their ease of cleaning, which requires low-temperature water and a mild detergent. The products have a peculiarly twisted texture, which causes light to reflect on them in an interesting way. This adds to the overall charm and emphasises the beauty of the packaged item. The pouches have small holes through which air enters. This means that you can also place food products in them, as they will not be exposed to moisture.

What is the use of the 20 x 27 cm medium bag?

The 20 x 27 cm medium sack is ideal for wrapping a wide variety of gifts. Cosmetics, perfumes, jewellery, snacks, coffees, teas and many more look great in them. The white organza bags are very versatile and are therefore often used to wrap gifts for wedding guests, participants in baptisms or communions.

White pouches are also ideal for storing various products around the house. You can store bath balls, mascara, lipsticks and other cosmetic products in them. Gifts of promotional gadgets for employees will also look very good in organza bags. Pens, pencils, bookmarks, lanyards and other accessories will effectively promote your brand, looking stylish in a transparent pouch.

What makes the 20 x 27 cm medium organza pouch special?

The 20 x 27 cm medium pouch has:

  • a versatile design - this one suits everything in the pouch, as well as the different styles in which you can throw a party or decorate your home;
  • an attractive price - we provide this as a manufacturer who does not impose additional markups;
  • double-sided string - the element protects the contents of the pouch from spilling and also has a decorative function;
  • intense colouring - this does not diminish even after cleaning;
  • reusable - you can use the pouches many times, packing or storing various items;
  • ecological dimension - used many times the pouches are not thrown away, so they do not pollute the environment.

Each medium pouch offered, measuring 20 x 27 cm, is practical and aesthetically pleasing. Adjust its parameters to your needs and it will certainly meet your expectations.

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