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Organza bags 16 x 22 cm - white Medium bags 16x22 cm

Organza bags 16 x 22 cm - white


Medium bags 16 x 22 cm

We offer medium sized 16 x 22 cm bags, which we have made from the fashionable material organza. The pouches are available in a universal white colour, which will go perfectly with any contents. Our suggestions not only look beautiful, but are also durable and very long-lasting. Check out what else characterises them and why you should buy them from our wholesale store.

What are the characteristics of the 16 x 22 cm medium organza bags?

The 16 x 22 cm medium pouches are made from organza, a fashionable fabric that has been used for centuries to create elegant dresses and decorations. What are the most important characteristics of this fabric? Here they are:

  • it is transparent - this exposes the contents of the pouch in a stylish way;
  • it is stiff - this ensures that the bag does not crease even when folded;
  • it is fashionable - this fact translates into the popularity of accessories that are made of it;
  • durable - this makes the bag resistant to stretching or damage;
  • is easy to clean - simply wash the pouch with mild detergents at a low temperature to remove stains;
  • has a fine, specially twisted texture - this aspect makes the pouch reflect light beautifully;
  • has tiny holes - these allow air to pass through, ensuring adequate air circulation inside the pouch.

The material does not wrinkle or lose its colour when exposed to sunlight. It always looks elegant and impressively displays the contents.

What is special about the 16 x 22 cm medium bag?

The 16 x 22 cm medium bags are available in a universal and neutral white colour. This means that they will go perfectly with other colours. They are also characterised by their workmanship with attention to detail - we take care of the material used in production, as well as the entire process. The bags have double-sided drawstrings to prevent the contents from spilling out. You can also use the strings to create a decorative bow.

Each medium 16 x 22 cm pouch is also distinguished by its versatile nature. You can use the pouches in many different ways over a long period of time. This means that using them is ecological and saves you money. Our proposals are also characterised by an attractive price, which we offer to our customers as the manufacturer of the offered goods.

What is the use of the 16 x 22 cm medium sized pouches?

The medium sized pouches are ideal for packing larger quantities of sweets, biscuits or other snacks. You can also arrange a set of bath balls, cosmetics or scented products in them. Everything will look great in the translucent bags. What you put in them depends entirely on your preferences and the taste of the person you want to give it to.

You can successfully wrap a gift for close friends, family, colleagues or your other half. Organza pouches are also often used to prepare gifts for guests at weddings and other festive occasions. You can also use them as a base for creating a home decoration, e.g. from holiday souvenirs, or for separating everyday items such as cosmetic pads, soaps, etc.

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