Discover sure-fire ways to pack your suitcase efficiently! These tricks will let you stash more stuff and keep your clothes from wrinkling during your trip!

Learn a number of inspiring tricks for packing your suitcase for holidays, business trips and other sorts of travels in a smart manner! With our suggestions, you will learn how to pack your suitcase quickly, how to fit more things in your carry-on luggage, and what to do to prevent wrinkles on clothes.

Organizers for your travel bag will help you avoid such a sight!

Organizers for your travel bag will help you avoid such a sight!

When preparing for a trip, most probably the biggest chaos causes uncertainty about what to pack into your suitcase. Perhaps each of us experienced a situation where we stood over an already-packed luggage wondering if that particular T-shirt or charger was there. Presumably, everyone knows the feeling when we felt dead certain we had forgotten something, but didn’t know what that thing was. Find out what you can do to stop packing from being a nightmare and – at once – make the process as smooth as silk.

How to fill a suitcase real fast – 6 tips to improve your packing skills

2. Prepare a travel checklist before packing.

Prepare a travel checklist before packing.

  1. First of all, have a checklist ready! Do you travel frequently? For that, it helps to create a fixed and versatile checklist. Before each of your upcoming trip, you just add to it a few items needed for that particular outing. In all likelihood, that way nothing will slip your mind!
  2. In order to avoid stress, why not prepare certain things a few days in advance? An excessive number of tasks put off until the last minute may leave you anxiety-ridden. It is well worth checking whether all you’re planning to take with you is in a good condition. This is particularly true when it comes to clothing and footwear and other items that may require cleaning and drying up before you leave.
    3. Organizer travel bags in your suitcase.

    Organizer travel bags in your suitcase.

  3. On the day of final baggage packing, get all the things you need in one place, such as an unfolded bed.
    4. Material bags are not only perfect for gift packaging! They are also great organizers.

    Material bags are not only perfect for gift packaging! They are also great organizers.

  4. Afterwards, divide your things into categories. This step will facilitate unpacking your suitcase and using all your things and accessories both during the journey and the whole stay away from home. You can divide them according to their purpose (division into clothing, footwear, cosmetics, food, electronics, entertainment, etc.) or set other criteria. Grouping luggage on the basis of the date it will be used is an interesting and practical solution; you can make a different package for every day!
  5. Pack each product category to a separate cloth bag, remembering at the same time to tick them on the list you prepared beforehand.
    Organza bags will protect your jewellery while traveling!!

    Organza bags will protect your jewellery while traveling!!

  6. Always put the heaviest items on the bottom of the suitcase (shoes, cosmetics), place the lighter and delicate ones (clothing, jewellery) further up. Remember to pack the organiser with the set of accessories that you will need right after arriving at your destination on top of your luggage. This way you will avoid having to unpack the contents of your suitcase in a hurry.

Lifehacking – how to fit more in hand luggage?

Always start preparing your baggage, especially packing the carry-on suitcase, with checking the limits imposed by the carrier. Verify the dimension and weight that your luggage mustn’t exceed. It concerns both the checked and hand luggage. (Beware! This data varies depending on the airline!)

Space-saving suitcase packing – 5 simple tricks

6. Packing a suitcase can be easy.

Packing a suitcase can be easy.

Learn travel hacks to help you fit your stuff in your suitcase! Packing up will never have to be your nightmare anymore!

  1. Take only what you use every day. Avoid packing your “just in case” and “might come in handy” items. After all, you’ll be able to buy something easily on the spot if such a need comes up, unless you’re travelling away from the centres of civilisation.
  2. Check the amenities offered to you at the place where you’re going to be staying. This may help you avoid carrying heavy or bulky items unnecessarily.
  3. Use the mini versions of the products you use. This advice means both pouring cosmetics from full-size bottles to smaller containers and using a variety of miniature tools (e.g. mini-dryer, hair straightener, hairbrush, iron, etc.) when travelling.
    Rolling clothes keeps them from wrinkling.

    Rolling clothes keeps them from wrinkling.

  4. Go for multi-purpose (3 in1 or 2 in1) care products as well as make-up products in universal colours.
  5. Also, try to match different pieces of clothing you’re going to take with you so that you can mix different sets to create new variations. With a selection of clothes in subdued, similar, or well-matching colours, you’ll get more outfit combinations for your trip. Plus, avoid packing up clothing sets that you’ll only be able to wear once.

Packing clothes in a suitcase – best ways to avoid creases

Packing clothes without creasing.

Packing clothes without creasing.

We’ve also prepared a few tips for you about packing your clothes! Use them and enjoy a perfect look when travelling!

  1. Use our packing method to prevent your clothes from creasing in transport. Instead of folding clothes into squares, go for rolling! It is a good idea to learn this method and use it at home too. Don’t wait until you have to pack your suitcase.
    Rolling clothes keeps them from wrinkling.

    Rolling clothes keeps them from wrinkling.

  2. Fill the bag up! A half empty suitcase will cause its content to move around. When you leave the bag half-empty, you risk garment creasing.
  3. Don’t pack too much. Rolling won’t do the job, if you try to ram it in or try to force zip it by sitting on your bag.
    Smart suitcase packing.

    Smart suitcase packing.

  4. Avoid weighing your clothes with heavy objects, if you don’t want to have them creased. Instead, put the heavy items at the bottom of the bag and place the garments on top.
  5. Select clothes made from fabrics that are less likely to crease.
  6. If you really need to take your favourite linen shirt, consider buying a micro iron or a clothes steamer. You can also ask if such equipment is available in the accommodation you booked!

Packing up – now you know how to pack your bag like a pro!

Now you know how to pack your holiday or business trip suitcase in a flash! So, make a checklist and chose organiser bags that will be perfect for you, pack up and enjoy your trip!