Linen, jute, velvet, organza, satin and denim pouches …

Regardless of whether you are looking for small, large, smooth or fancy designs, you will certainly find something in our wide offer of decorative bags. Thanks to the variety of fabrics, sizes, colours and designs, our drawstring pouches are very versatile. You can use pouches in an interesting and creative way. The obtained effect will surely bring a smile! Thus you can use them freely, depending on the current need.

The upcoming Grandparents Day can be a fantastic opportunity to make a great smile on the faces of your relatives. Below you can find just a few ways to use organza, linen or other material pouches for the Grandparents Day.

Grandparents Day DIY  Small organza pouches Small figurine – 7 cm, in an organza pouch 10 x 13 cm

Inspire yourself if you don not know how to use a pouch from organza for grandparents day!

Grandparents Day

18 x 24 cm linen pouch, pattern painted with watercolours.

One of the ways is DIY, a handmade gift for Grandparents day.

It is known not only from today, that gifts made personally have the greatest value. A donated person feels appreciated and sees the contribution of your work, effort and time put into preparing a gift. Let your children paint a linen bag. The hand-made pattern will surely give a lot of fun to children. The bestowed person will delighted and moved to tears. Such a pouch created with your heart will be an ideal packaging for a hand-made gift. You can make a unique gift in a cheap and simple way that no one would copy.

Organza in red colour

Organza pouch 8 x 10cm, Card 4.2 x 8.5 cm

10 things that I love about you

Another way to use pouches in a very creative way is to put inside a card with a drawing or an inscription, or an object that describes the bestowed one. You can prepare a list titled: “10 reasons why I love you”, “10 features that I love in you”, “10 things that I associate with you” or simply “thank you for …”. This offer without a doubt will bring tears of happiness. In addition, it is very flexible – the number of cards and the subject we adjust ourselves.

Jute bag for coffee!

Jute coffee bag!

A journey around the world of coffee and tea.

Do your Grandparents like a fine tea or coffee? You can buy really good fresh coffee beans as well as loose leafs of tea from around the world. Both coffee and tea should be properly stored so that it does not lose its aroma and taste value. For this purpose, flaxen or jute pouches will work perfectly. They are characterized by high durability. What is more, they are antibacterial and above all made of strong fabric which can be washed. That is why our decorative pouches will serve you for many years.

Decorativ bag as flower a pot!

Jute pouch (violet)

Decorate the flower pot with a pouch.

Typical flower pots usually look unattractive. Plain plastic is not interesting to our eye. This can be changed in a simple way! It is enough to hide the pot in one of our beautiful bags. Adding a “character” to the plant by decorating its bottom with a pouch with an interesting print or a version decorated by a child will make it look delightfully and peculiarly. Natural linen, jute, metallic, satin, velour, denim or organza bags – everyone will find something that will appeal to him/her.

Attractive and an interesting gift does not have to cost a fortune. You can create it in a simple way using the above advice.

Thanks to our various gift ideas for the Grandparents day, you will make them feel great joy! As we showed above you can make an use of our drawstring pouches in many interesting ways.