Get some inspiration for simple yet effective DIY Easter decorations which we have put together especially for you to enjoy.  You can even rope in the children to help with them.  Take a look at our Easter decoration ideas, you’ll be overwhelmed with inspiration!

You’ve probably had enough of using the same arrangements and decorations which you see in stores and catalogues. So, dare to be different and create your own, original DIY decorations for Easter, along with the children! Most of them are extremely simple to do, therefore are great for all the family! This is the perfect answer to the question, how to spend creative time with the children without leaving home?

Material bags for creating decorations for Easter

Material bags for creating decorations for Easter

DIY Easter decorations – 3 inspiring ideas for artistic fun for the children

Creating DIY Easter decorations is a great way to spend time together. Below are three simple suggestions for decorations made using our material bags.  So simple, even the youngest members of the family can help!

  1. Cover for a plant pot or flower vase featuring an Easter bunny. Linen bags provide an ideal starting point for various DIY projects. Drawings made with paints or markers look exceptional on linen bags thanks to their light, natural colour. Our fabric bags can be decorated with, for example, a drawing of a bunny. Add to the effect by creating a two-sided drawing, in which the back of the bunny will be decorated with a tail, using a small pompom sewn or stuck on to the pouch.
    Creative with your child - DIY bags for Easter

    Creative with your child – DIY bags for Easter

  2. Fabric bag with 3D decorations. A cloth bag decorated by a child is the perfect gift wrap option, it can also work just as well as a stand-alone decoration! The bags can be decorated in many different ways, depending on the child’s age and capabilities. Bags can be sewn or buttons glued to them, as well as movable eyes or felt noses and ears, therefore allowing for an amazing collection of Easter animal sacks to be made! Sewing a bag is also a great idea for more advanced crafters! This way, you can prepare personalised bags for the whole family! Hand-painted Easter eggs in neon green organza pouches.
  3. A bird’s nest in a bag or … a bag with Easter eggs in the nest. It is extremely easy to do and at the same time, creates an extremely effective decoration. The bottom of the transparent organza bag should be lined with hay (or put in a nest woven from straw or sticks) and arrange a festive Easter egg or several smaller eggs (you can opt for a traditional Easter egg or place chocolate eggs in the nest). You can also create equally as impressive decorations by placing Easter eggs in a large wreath or nest.

Handmade Easter decorations- why should you bother?

Does everyday life leave you short on free time? Perhaps you are wondering if it is worth decorating the house for Easter at all? Feel as though creating handmade Easter decorations with the children is a waste of time?

So, we answer: Of course, it’s worth decorating the house for Easter! And you definitely need to consider creating at least some of the decorations yourself! Making them can be really enjoyable.  Craft work is a great way to relax, and for the children, a chance to discover new talents and skills while developing their fine motor skills and creativity. In addition, the satisfaction and joy that homemade decorations provide is far better than anything bought from a store!

Easter decorations can help to create a wonderful celebration atmosphere in your home! They will bring a more positive, even blissful mood to your household. This sense of joy will allow you to relax and enjoy the holiday more.  Although it might sound surprising, it is actually far easier to relax in a home that looks beautiful!

Ideas for Easter – original DIY gifts from the Easter Bunny

Don’t be tempted to just buy! Do it yourself! As you can see, you can create many unique decorations yourself. Spend your time getting creative and make your own DIY decorations for Easter. You can create handmade Easter decorations for your home or to give them as gifts to loved ones!

Discover five ideas for Easter gifts, these can easily be prepared by small children!

  1. Decorative mug filled with chocolate Easter eggs – a child can decorate with paintings and drawings.  All you need is a classic, plain mug and some special paint or makers suitable for ceramics. Then, simply wrap the mug as a gift and fill it with chocolate eggs.
  2. Floral arrangement in a bag
    A basket with a linen bag, from which the ears of felt bunny wool stick out.

    A basket with a linen bag, from which the ears of felt bunny wool stick out.

    – children can play at being florists by creating their own arrangement. All you have to do is prepare a small bag that will act as a decorative cover for a flower pot (as well as gift wrap), a flower pot and various decorations for the pot. Younger children can also make decorations for table at Christmas using … Christmas toys and decorations!

  3. Table decoration – Kids can create a stylish decoration themselves, which will make a great table decoration!
    Easter bag decorated with self-adhesive flowers

    Easter bag decorated with self-adhesive flowers

    They will definitely be extremely proud of their creative achievement! Simply fill a vase or jam jar with fresh flowers or twigs and hang decorated eggs from them.  The vase can be decorated with a pouch featuring drawings or Easter potato prints, or even stick-on decorations.

  4. An organza bag filled with hand-made soap – spring hand-made soap can be beautifully decorated by melting dried flower petals or even a mini bunny figurine in to it. In our other blog entry, you can learn how to make handmade soaps with your children, step by step!
  5. Scented bag – A refreshing scent for a wardrobe or drawer can easily be created by a child.  Simply soaking dried ingredients of your choice such as lavender in your preferred essential oils. The bag itself can also be decorated with decorative pendants or a pretty ribbon.
decoration in an organza bag

Decoration in an organza bag

Inspirational Easter ideas – DIY gift packaging

DIY gifts from the Easter bunny will help you to bring joy to your loved ones. Careful thought should be given to the packaging so your handicraft looks truly special, making it a wonderful gift!

Earrings packed in a gold organza bag.

Earrings packed in a gold organza bag.

We therefore recommend stylish and elegant gift pouches from Saketos! Visit our online store and choose a colour and pattern to suit you.  Likewise, take advantage of our many inspiring ideas and learn how to decorate our material bags for yourself.  You too can easily create beautiful, personalised packaging for gifts from the bunny!

Easter fun for children -Egg Hunt

Easter fun for children – Egg Hunt