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5 pcs 30 cm x 40 cm
Organza bags 30 x 40 cm - silver Pouches silver / grey
Organza bags 30 x 40 cm - silver Pouches silver / grey
  • Organza bags 30 x 40 cm - silver Pouches silver / grey
  • Organza bags 30 x 40 cm - silver Organza bags
  • Organza bags 30 x 40 cm - silver Large bags 30x40 cm
  • Organza bags 30 x 40 cm - silver Fruit bags
  • Organza bags 30 x 40 cm - silver Bags with quick and easy closure
  • Organza bags 30 x 40 cm - silver Christmas bag

Organza bags 30 x 40 cm - silver

Silver organza bags with dimensions of:
Width: 30 cm / 11,80 inches
Height: 40 cm / 15,75 inches
Pcs per set: 5

Size in inches: 12 x 16 inch

Number of pieces per pack: 5

EAN-13 (GTIN-13) 5902565682170

SKU: ORB-3040-SXX-211

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Pieces in set:

5 pcs


Silver organza pouches | 30 x 40 cm, 5 pieces

5 pieces of large silver organza pouches in the size of 30 cm x 40 cm is a very practical set with a wide range of uses, which will facilitate the organization of your home, and will also work in more formal situations.

Our silver organza pouches measuring 30 x 40 cm are the perfect solution for companies seeking elegant and functional packaging for various occasions. These large, transparent pouches are an excellent choice for corporate gifts, customer gifts, and event decorations. Thanks to the ability to personalize, our pouches can be decorated with your company's logo, which increases their attractiveness and marketing value.

Benefits of using organza pouches

Elegance and versatility

Organza pouches are characterized by a light and elegant structure, which adds prestige to each product. Thanks to the transparency of the material, the contents of the pouch are gently visible, enhancing the attractiveness of the packaging.

Personalization and branding

We offer the opportunity to personalize pouches through printing, allowing full customization of the packaging to meet the needs and expectations of the customer. The possibility of marking pouches with the company's logo contributes to the increase in brand recognition and the creation of unique, personalized products.

Durability and protection

Organza pouches are not only aesthetic, but also durable and functional. They provide protection against scratches and damage, which is important when storing and transporting valuable items.

Application in various industries

Cosmetics and jewelry

Due to their elegance and protective properties, organza pouches are an ideal packaging for jewelry and cosmetics. They provide not only an aesthetic appearance, but also effective protection of products.

Corporate gifts and promotional gadgets

Organza pouches serve well as packaging for corporate gadgets and business gifts. Their elegant appearance makes each corporate event acquire a unique character. Personalized prints additionally increase the marketing value of promotional gadgets.

Examples of applications
  • Packaging jewelry: earrings, bracelets, necklaces.
  • Packaging for luxury cosmetics: creams, perfumes, gift sets.
  • Corporate gifts: elegant packaging for pens, key chains, watches.

Bulk and personalized orders

Fast order fulfillment

Our company offers express fulfillment of orders – even within 3 days from confirming the details. In addition, we do not require a minimum order quantity for personalized prints, so you can order exactly as much as you need.

Support and advice

Each customer receives a dedicated guardian who helps at every stage of the order process. Our free advice also includes graphic support, who adapts files for printing and selects the optimal printing method to ensure the highest quality and durability.

Tips and advice on use

How to take care of organza pouches

To maintain the elegance and functionality of organza pouches, it is recommended to store them in a dry and dark place. They can be gently hand washed in warm water, avoiding strong detergents to not damage the delicate material.

Optimal use

Organza pouches are versatile and can be used in many different ways. They are ideal for packaging gifts, samples, promotional gadgets, and as original product packaging. By choosing organza pouches, you can create unique and elegant gifts that will remain in the memory of the recipients for a long time.


The pouch is a practical form of storing items, but ordinary drawstring bags and chiffon bags tend to spoil the closure and are just boring – organza bags are not only solid, but also just nice, which makes them perfect as a gift container for family occasions and more official ones, eg corporate events. This size will allow you to pack even large items: bottles of alcohol, photo albums, and larger electronics, such as a tablet.

Silver organza pouches 30 x 40 cm are elegant and functional packaging that will enhance the prestige of your company. Thanks to the possibility of personalization, durability, and modern solutions, they are the perfect choice for corporate gifts, advertising gadgets, and luxury packaging. Contact us to find out more and order your unique organza pouches today!

Meta Description: Get our pouches wholesale for personalized and durable packaging. These elegant silver organza pouches 30x40 cm are perfect for corporate gifts and luxury packaging.

Technical parameters

Decorative printing
Pcs per pack
Width *
30 cm
Height *
40 cm
Height to drawstring *
34 - 36 cm
* Size tolerances
+/- 5%
Personalize your bag
Personalize your bag
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