25 pcs. 7 cm x 9 cm
25 pcs Organza bags 7 x 9 cm (SDB) - yellow

Organza bags 7 x 9 cm (SDB) - yellow

25 pcs Organza bags 7 x 9 cm - yellow

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25 pcs.


NOTE: Bags with a single ribbon, pulled only on one side.

A pack of 25 yellow organza favour bags with a very wide range of practical usage. The size of 7 x 9 cm provides a perfect solution for packing small items, such as office accessories, advertising gifts, souvenir figurines, and many other original things - the versatile style of organza will splendidly match with every item.

Organza bags (also called shiffon) are a very practical product that can serve you not only as containers for small items, but also many different things, for example a scent bag that will contain natural petals of flowers or special scent balls. It will also very well fulfill the role of a package for a little gift or an advertising gadget, little electronic equipment or jewellery - the possibilities of those little beasts are truly endless!

Technical parameters

Decorative printing
Pcs per pack
Width *
7 cm
Height *
9 cm
Height to drawstring *
6 - 6.5 cm
* Size tolerances
1 cm
Personalize your bag
Personalize your bag
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Product Reviews

Small but does it matter

The thing is ,when you put them in your room, it's starts looking like the sun is shining right in that place. Beautiful)

rated this product on 5 stars (24 Dec 2018)


Thanks to their colour, the bags are ideal for holding lip glosses.

rated this product on 5 stars (22 Jan 2018)

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