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5 pcs
5 pcs Bags like linen for vegetables (3 pcs) and cotton shopping bags (2 pcs)

Bags like linen for vegetables (3 pcs) and cotton shopping bags (2 pcs)

Order your set of reusable eco sacks and bags made of cotton and polyester (5 pieces of eco packaging!). The set includes 3x zero waste bags like linen (bags with print for potatoes, onions, and garlic + description text in Polish) and 2 x 100% cotton bags with long handles.

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5 pcs


The reusable set offered here is a package of 5 eco shopping bags! We made them from cotton and polyester. The set includes:

  • 1 x potato bag sized 35 x 50 cm,
  • 1 x onion bag sized 26 x 35 cm,
  • 1 x garlic bag sized 30 x 40 cm,
  • 2 x 100% cotton bag (140 g/m2) featuring a natural colour, sized 38 x 42 cm. The model comes with long handles.

Find out more about the features of our reusable bags made of cotton and polyester and order your eco shopping bags today!

Printed bags like linen for vegetables x 3

Discover these high-quality bags like with a double drawstring, which allows for quick and convenient closing. Our products stand out by the high quality of fabrics. 

A zero waste kitchen? Zero waste in the household? Try it, it's easy! Go shopping with a ready shopping list. And be sure to bring along your own bags.

The items in the packaging set offered here will be perfect as shopping bags during a visit to an eco-shop or a greengrocer’s. This reusable packaging will help you stay in line with the principles of the zero waste lifestyle! Replace plastic bags with bags like linen. Be eco-friendly! Do you run a zero-waste store? Offer this set to your customers.

Use them also for storing supplies in the pantry or on the kitchen counter. Pouches like linen with stylish prints featuring vegetables (potatoes, onions, and garlic) and description text in Polish will make excellent kitchen decoration!

Natural, undyed cotton bags x 2

Discover these large, natural, undyed cotton shopping bags sized 38 x 42 cm! We sew our bags from 100% cotton in the natural/ecru colour with a basis weight of 140 g. These environmentally friendly cotton bags will prove perfect for shopping. They are very capacious, and their long handles make it very easy to carry the shopping. These eco shopping bags are very versatile. You can also use them when travelling and for storing different things at home!

Technical parameters

Cotton, polyester
Decorative printing
Pcs per pack
Width *
22 cm
30 cm
35 cm
38 cm
Height *
30 cm
40 cm
42 cm
50 cm
* Size tolerances
+/- 5%
Personalize your bag
Personalize your bag
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